AJ Mieskolainen
Senior Software Architect
Welcome.  My name is AJ Mieskolainen, and I am a Web Developer / Software Engineer with over a decade of industry experience.  I specialize in developing custom, dynamic web applications using ColdFusion/PHP/jQuery and SQL.  I’ve spent time developing air traffic control display simulators, real-time billing solutions for mobile providers, as well as in-house telecommunications management systems for multiple Fortune 5 corporations.
2017 – Present
Senior Software Architect
● Serves as lead architect for MMxCHANGE Platform. ● Provides architectural oversight to platform and reporting teams during sprint reviews. ● Serves as an in-house subject matter expert on all things ColdFusion and .NET Core. ● Uses FishEye and Crucible to participate in daily Code Reviews. ● Documents InvestEdge standards and framework. ● Works with technical staff to troubleshoot issues and help to resolve them. ● Offers recommendations for improving documentation and software development standards. ● Assists in making architecture decisions for future product offerings. ● Design and Implementation of various ColdFusion, .Net Core and SQL bugs and features.
Comtekh, Inc
2008 – 2017
Lead Web Developer
Developer of web-based, dynamic solutions using a stack consisting of ColdFusion, SQL Server, jQuery, and other technologies.  These applications are used by multiple Fortune 5 companies to govern their IT spend and inventory.
2006 – 2008
Software Engineer
Developer of a real-time billing system designed for use by mobile services providers.
2001 – 2006
Software Engineer
Developed and maintained an Air Traffic Control Display Simulation Architecture, named DESIREE, that allowed for the simulation of multiple modern air traffic control displays, allowing for experimentation of air traffic controller HCI.  Simulated platforms included DSR, STARS and ERAM.
Rowan University
1997 – 2001
B.S. in Computer Science
Graduated with a B.S. degree in Computer Science with a strong emphasis on object-oriented design concepts.  Rose to the highest position as a Computer Lab Manager, as well as the President of the Rowan Chapter of the ACM.
Hammonton High School
1993 – 1997
Software Engineer
I have many years of experience using ColdFusion to develop interactive web applications. Beginning with version 7, up until the latest release, I am quick to adopt emerging features to expand my knowledge base.
With over a decade of professional experience using MS SQL Server and Oracle, I am able to seamlessly develop dynamic web applications using refined, robust database designs. Proven knowledge of back-end database development, including the use of functions, stored procedures, indexing, and SSIS packages.
To create a truly immersive web application, one should be well-versed in client-side scripting. I have proficient working knowledge of the jQuery programming framework, and have developed my own jQuery plugins.
C++ / Java
Almost a decade of experience developing desktop and server applications using these OO languages provides me with a deep box of tools to get the job done.
TCL / Shell / PHP
Sometimes a job calls for a script to be written, whether it be a one-time data extraction, or a recurring task. I have experience writing such scripts using various scripting interfaces.